Surfing: if you're a CEO, swap your business suit for a wetsuit | Photo: Shutterstock

It might sound bizarre, but surfers and business people share many values. And in some situations, they even speak the same language.

Surfing is all about making decisions - the surf break that is pumping the best waves, going left or right on a perfect-peeling A-frame wave, and knowing when and which maneuver to perform in the critical part of a wave.

In surfing, rides can be short, but they allow you to meditate on your past, present, and future decisions.

And when you're not on top of the wave, you can always close your eyes and mind surf.

A day in the life of a company manager can be pretty intense. The problems, the responsibilities, and the day-to-day activities are constantly mutating. Just like waves.

Our surfing skills are continuously evolving, in and out of the water, in a way similar to the evolution of businesses.

Once in a while, they struggle to stay afloat, but that also occurs in our surfing life.

Business life is a wild world, and so are the ocean and its waves.

We, as individuals, need to learn to deal with the elements, adapt, and behave in consonance with what lies ahead.

Risk management is also a concept that is well understood by both surfers and businessmen, businesswomen, or entrepreneurs.

Am I ready for the big waves? Should my company invest in an unknown market?

Surfing: the ideal sport for CEOs and company executives | Photo: Shutterstock

No Comfort Zones

Surfing and managing a company is getting out of our comfort zones on a regular basis.

It is about testing new equipment, pushing our physical and intellectual limits, continually learning, and seeking new frontiers.

Surfing is good for our health, and not all CEOs live a stress-free life. That is why the sport of the kings' intangible appeal puts life into perspective.

Is career everything in your life? Are you working yourself to death?

When you're waiting for a wave, everything around you is put on hold.

Surprisingly, the world seems to make sense, and all the benchmarks, shareholders, profitability, unique selling proposition, assets, brand recognition, and business plans look like futile and pointless concepts.

Surfing is all about exploring the coastline, chasing unchartered waves, sharing priceless moments alone or with friends, and testing our own limits. And that's in an executive's DNA.

At a certain point in their careers, CEOs are no longer in it for the money.

They want to change their clients' world. For that, they need to go beyond their imagination.

Surfing could be the key to a successful relationship between life and business.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have already found the answer to their personal balance sheet in the saltwater. 

Despite all the differences between both worlds, CEOs could turn out to be great surfers. So, if you're still wearing a business suit, don't hesitate - find a wetsuit and get wet.

Every CEO in the world should surf. They will only get better, and the return on investment is certainly higher than expected.

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