Why Garrett McNamara took the jet ski during Big Monday

October 29, 2013 | Surfing
Praia do Norte: big wave surfing means team work

Garrett McNamara has decided not to surf the Big Monday, at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal, because he did not feel safe and wanted to support surfers in the water.

The Hawaiian big wave surfer, 46, has challenged everything. McNamara holds the record for the largest wave ever surfed, and he knows he should follow his instincts.

The best days might not be our days. Garrett McNamara revealed he opted for not hitting the giants at Praia do Norte, on the 28th October, 2013, because he simply didn't feel safe enough in the morning.

"It was too big for me. I didn't feel safe. This place is more powerful than any place else in the world. It's dangerous and challenging", explains Garrett McNamara.

"I watch for the best wave and then I wait for the second or third, because if it goes wrong, I won't get waves in the head. The secret is to be focused and only surf when I'm having fun", he adds.

GMAC has nothing to prove, and he helped friends out in the line-up by towing them into the gnarly water mountains. Carlos Burle and Andrew Cotton owe him some the best waves of their lives.

The Hawaiian doesn't forget what happened to Maya Gabeira, too. "She fell where no one wants to fall. She was very lucky not to be dragged to the rocks".

Meanwhile, McNamara takes his time, although he has confirmed he will be eyeing the upcoming swell. In big wave surfing, safety and patience are synonyms of intelligence.

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