Surfing: a sport that helps you lose weight | Photo: Shutterstock

Forget complex weight loss programs, personal trainers, and magical pills. Surfing is the best and most efficient weapon against obesity.

Surfing helps you stay fit.

Not only because it burns fat but also because it naturally induces a lifestyle based on a rich and tasteful diet that increases water drinking and proteins and reduces fats, carbs, and sugar.

Soda drinks and fast food, for example, are some of your worst enemies, even when sold as zero-calorie products.

Interestingly, surfing is well known for increasing the appetite of those who spend time in the ocean riding waves.

The good news is that doesn't necessarily translate into weight gain.

The sport of surfing will provide you with both aerobic and anaerobic benefits, and that's the formula that will have a positive impact on your metabolism.

Surfers may spend a lot of time waiting for the waves, but their time in the water is actually more active than it might appear.

In fact, multiple gym workouts are similar to the ones you see in surfing.

Paddling is a powerful and constant exercise.

Surfers are constantly paddling to get out-the-back, where the waves are breaking, paddling into waves, and paddling to correct their positioning in the line-up.

Then, taking off on waves requires prompt and efficient push-ups. Otherwise, they miss the wave or go over the falls.

Surfing: paddling burns calories fast | Photo: Shutterstock

Constant Muscle Group Interaction

Finding and correcting the balance is a constant variable throughout each ride, and it demands a highly-timed articulation between legs, torso, and arms.

The first thing beginner surfers notice in their first ocean experiences is the quick loss of energy and shortness of breath. So, yes, surfing can be highly demanding from a physical perspective.

With their explosive movements and continuous reactions to the behavior of each wave, surfers build a strong and lean body in a way similar to that of swimmers.

Surfing works out nearly every human body region, including the neck and feet. And if you're catching waves in cold water regions, you may burn 500 calories in 60 minutes.

Weight loss is a natural result of this active interaction of muscle groups. Although you'll gain muscle mass, you'll definitely burn calories like you never thought it would be possible.

And if you combine your regular surf sessions with a biweekly 30-minute run, your body will respond immediately, and you will start losing weight fast.

The more you surf, the faster you'll lose weight. And if you maintain regular surfing activity, your body will stay regulated and fit for long periods of time.

In conclusion, surfing is a fun and efficient way of burning unhealthy fat and getting rid of unwanted extra calories. It has been prescribed by doctors and confirmed by hundreds of thousands of surfers.

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