William Aliotti prevails in the cold waves of Kamchatka

May 15, 2014 | Surfing
William Aliotti: it's never too cold for an aerial move

William Aliotti has taken out the Nixon Surf Challenge 2014, in Kamchatka, Russian Far-East.

The 21-year-old goofy-footer from the Caribbean haven of Saint Martin defeated Vincent Duvignac in the five-foot waves, and frigid water temperatures.

"I'm so happy to return from Russia with two prizes in the bag – it's more than I could have ever expected when I was invited on the trip," said William.

"As a Nixon rookie, it's been a real honor to experience this incredible competition first-hand alongside such a stacked rider line-up. Big ups to all the surfers, especially Vincent who pushed me all the way."

Surfers also had to battle some pretty heavy jetlag after touching down on the Russian peninsula - all par for the course when you fly to the Pacific coastline of the Motherland.

For William Aliotti, the waves of Kamchatka couldn't have been more of a contrast to his normal daily routine. Traveling the globe for the last six months surfing some of the world's most tropical surf spots, William surprised everyone by taking to the cold water like it was nothing.

Aliotti also captured the "Best Trick" award after stomping just about every aerial trick in the book. Vincent Duvignac secured the runner-up position, while Kepa Acero finished third.

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