The Windansea Surf Club: 50 years of waves and stories

The Windansea Surf Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The legendary Californian surfing institution is in the center of a major exhibition.

Windansea is a synonym of California surf and the beach lifestyle.

One of the first organized surf clubs along the California coast kicked off its activities in the summer of 1963.

Surfers who founded the Windansea Surf Club were at the forefront of the surfing lifestyle and many went on to become icons within the life, culture, and surf industry.

The Windansea Surf Club was officially organized by Chuck Hasley and was named for the premier La Jolla reef break frequented by its earliest members.

Skype Frye, Mike Hynson, David Nuuhiwa, Hobie Alter, Corky Carroll, Joey Cabell, Mickey Munoz, Mike Doyle, Ricky Griggs, Mike Purpus, Linda Benson, Barry Kanaiaupuni, and Bruce Brown were some of the original members.

"From the epic trips to Tahiti, Hawaii and Todos Santos, to the legendary competitive rivalry with Malibu, the Club's lore is as storied as the history of surfing itself", explains Jim Kempton, president of the California Surf Museum.

"The Magic of Windansea: Five Decades of Capers, Shapers & Stories of California's Legendary Surf Club" is an exhibition showcasing vintage surfboards, historical photos, and artifacts.

Visit the California Surf Museum and dive into surf history.

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