Niccolo Porcella: big wave surfer and wingsuit pilot | Photo: Tehaumanarii Garbutt/WSL

What do a wingsuit pilot and a big wave surfer have in common? They are about to "Liftoff."

Jokke Sommer has always been fascinated by anything that could fly and dreamed about flying every day.

After seeing dozens of wingsuit flying videos, there was no doubt that this was what he wanted to do.

Today, Sommer is widely considered one of the best BASE jumpers on the planet.

In his wingsuit, he flew near Christ the Redeemer, under bridges, and between the mountains of Tiananmen in China. Basically, he puts his life at risk for a living.

Niccolo Porcella is a waterman. He went kitesurfing in Jaws, and he loves proximity flying BASE jumps.

Recently, the Italian almost lost his life in a scary wipeout at Teahupoo, in Teahupoo.

"Liftoff" is an extreme sports series in which Sommer and Porcella attempt to switch sports with the guiding help of the best big-wave surfers, watermen, BASE jumpers, wingsuit pilots, and trainers.

Dominik Loyen, Felix Lorentzen, Ludovic Woerth, Jhonathan Flórez, Petter Jonsson, Tom Heimen, Hege Ringard, Vince Reffet, Micah Couch, Garrett McNamara, David Langer, Espen Fadnes, Francisco Porcella, Anthony Tashnick, and Rodney Kilborn are their mentors.

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