Winners crowned at the Surfing America USA Championships 2013

June 25, 2013 | Surfing
Caroline Marks: young and talented

Taylor Clark and Nikki Viesins have conquered the Under-18 divisions of the Surfing America USA Championships 2013, in Lower Trestles, California.

In clean, shoulder-to-head-high waves, the winners of the Surfing America USA Championships 2013 have been crowned. A total of eight categories have new champions.

Lower Trestles delivered great maritime conditions for the future of US surfing. Boys and girls had plenty of waves faces and ramps to display their set of skills.

The Boys Under-18 division was highly competitive. Taylor Clark and Cameron Richards fought for glory and only 0.50 points separated both talented riders.

Griffin Colapinto and Colton Ward decided the Boys Under-16 division by a margin of only 0.07 points. Colapinto's frontside attack is flawless. The aerial arsenal is clearly one of most important trumps of the new generation of surfers. Getting airborne is as easy as having a cup of coffee.

Nikki Viesins, from Florida, is a well-known face. Despite a tight clash with Tatiana Weston-Webb, Viesins secured the highest place in the podium. Mahina Maeda, from Hawaii, raised her regional flag after stealing the Girls Under-16 title.

Cole Houshmand (Boys Under-14), Noah Hill (Boys Under-12), Brisa Hennessy (Girls Under-14) and Caroline Marks (Girls Under-12) completed the winners' board.

Boys Under-18

1. Taylor Clark 18.43
2. Cameron Richards 17.93
3. Kanoa Igarashi 14.63
4. Parker Coffin 13.63

Boys Under-16

1. Griffin Colapinto 14.47
2. Colton Ward 14.40
3. Jacob Davis 9.40
4. Nolan Rapoza 8.13

Boys Under-14

1. Cole Houshmand 16.50
2. Noah Hill 15.90
3. Luke Gordon 15.04
4. Cody Young 13.90

Boys Under-12

1. Noah Hill 18.83
2. Wyatt McHale 16.80
3. Reef Tsutsui 14.30
4. Rade Matson 8.37

Girls Under-18

1. Nikki Viesins 14.00
2. Tatiana Weston-Webb 13.40
3. Dax Mcgill 9.14
4. Mahina Maeda 7.87

Girls Under-16

1. Mahina Maeda 12.40
2. Tia Blanco 11.14
3. Kahuna Delovio 10.97
4. Meah Collins 10.80

Girls Under-14

1. Brisa Hennessy 17.60
2. Honolua Bloomfield 13.50
3. Summer Macedo 11.60
4. Brittany Penroza 6.20

Girls Under-12

1. Caroline Marks 18.60
2. Kirra Pinkerton 12.67
3. Tiare Thompson 1200.
4. Gabriella Bryan 9.50

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