The surfer's jersey: the World Surf Leagues sells them for $79.99

The World Surf League has opened its official store. Expect to pay $79.99 for a pro surfer's replica jersey.

For football clubs, sports merchandise is a gold mine. In 2013, Real Madrid sold over one million Cristiano Ronaldo replica shirts.

The official equipment sells at 75 euros ($84), so it is easy to do the math.

Surfing is still a distant planet, but the World Surf League plans to capitalize on fans' love for stars.

The online digital store now sells athlete jerseys and t-shirts featuring the number and surnames of the World Championship Tour competitors.

There's Slater, Medina, Fanning, De Souza, Florence, Gilmore, Ho, Moore, Quizon, and many more, with the colored garments representing the surfers' different countries of origin.

Americans wear white; Polynesians dress in red.

The surfer's rashie is "made from premium moisture wicking, anti-microbial athletic poly jersey fabric, and includes a limited edition country band, athlete name and number application on the back using premium vinyl die cut lettering."

The Official World Surf League Store also sells zip pullovers ($34.99), windbreakers ($59.99), WSL tees ($29.99), hoodies ($58.99), long sleeves ($34.99), dolman tops (36.99), and caps ($24.99).

The monetization of pro surfing is underway. Probably, that's just the way it is.

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