World Surf League suspends Filipe Toledo

May 16, 2017 | Surfing
Filipe Toledo: the surfer has been suspended by WSL after storming the judges' tower

Filipe Toledo will not be allowed to compete at the 2017 Outerknown Fiji Pro.

The Brazilian surfer stormed the judges' tower after losing his Round 3 clash against Kanoa Igarashi. As a result, he was fined and suspended from competition by World Surf League (WSL).

"It's disappointing when we have to pass disciplinary action for any of our surfers, but that behavior is not acceptable for the sport," explained Renato Hickel, WSL Deputy Commissioner.

Toledo was tagged for an interference in the early seconds of the heat, as both surfers tried to paddle for the same wave in a neutral priority situation, i.e., with priority determined by positioning on the wave.

"I'm a passionate guy and surfing is my life. After getting an interference in the third round in Saquarema, I was very upset, and my actions after the heat were unacceptable. After cooling down, I realized that I was not myself. I'm very sorry for my behavior," Filipe Toledo said in a statement.

The Brazilian will return to competition at the Corona Open J-Bay, to be surfed in South Africa from July 12-23.

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