World Surfing Games 2008 officially opened in Portugal

October 13, 2008 | Surfing

World Surfing Games 2008

The ISA World Surfing Games were declared officially open today in the Costa de Caparica Sports Arena, with cheers and applauses of joy coming from more than 300 surfers from 29 countries.

Cheers and applauses were ignited by the words of the ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, who said: “I’m going to ask a favour of everybody, I want you to be very loud, so our noise can be heard in Switzerland, where the International Olympic Committee is, because one day we’re going to be part of the Olympic Games. So I declare the ISA World Surfing Games officially open”!

The colors of the world shined bright today during the traditional Parade of Nations and the Sands of the World Ceremony. All the National Surfing Teams were welcome by ISA President, Fernando Aguerre; the Mayor of the City of Almada, María Emilia De Sousa; the President of the Portuguese Surfing Federation, Guilherme Bastos; the Organizer of the event, Miguel Inacio; the representative of Portugal Sports Bureau Nuno Laurentino; the Deputy of Costa de Caparica, Antonio Neves; and first Portuguese surfer, Pedro Lima.

There was abundant laughter, chanting, dancing and cultural tradition that took place while the countries poured their sand into the event sandbox.

New Zealand performed the Haka, Peru presented the traditional Totora Horse to the Portuguese Federation President, a happy Portugal team was applauded by the local fans and the Puerto Ricans sang. Afterwards, the pouring of the sands symbolized the peaceful union of the world through surfing.

In a lively speech, ISA President Fernando Aguerre said: “We are here together - black, white, yellow - people of every race, colour and religion. We are a great surfing family!

We get together three times a year, united by the love for surfing.” He concluded, saying: “The most important word in every language Thank you. Thank you Portugal, thank you Almada, thank you Costa de Caparica, thank you Portuguese Surfing Federation, thanks everybody for having us here. ¡Muchas gracias!”.

The Mayor, María Emilia De Sousa, was moved and expressed an overwhelming sense of joy because of what she was watching. She said: “Almada is very happy to welcome this great Surfing Embassy. Thank you for making Portugal the World Surfing Capital for the next 8 days! This sands ceremony was really beautiful and I want to share with you my feeling: In this box, you united the entire world.”

After that the competition was declared open, the countries departed to prepare for what is coming: eight days of intense competition that will declare for the 22nd occasion which is the most developed surfing nation by the Overall Team Ranking and who are the best surfers, longboarders and bodyboarders of the entire world.

The event starts Sunday, October 12, at 8:00 am. In the two podiums located in the Marcelino and CDS beach, Longboard´s first and second round and Bodyboard Men and Women first round. The forecast is showing four foot waves with offshore winds.

The surfing world is centered in Costa de Caparica right now.

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