World's best junior surfers ride for gold in Nicaragua

May 26, 2013 | Surfing
Playa Jiquiliste: surfing heaven in Nicaragua

The 2013 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship will return to Nicaragua, from June 8th-16th.

Over 300 of the world's best junior surfers from 34 countries will ride the world-class beach break of Playa Jiquiliste for the ISA World Junior Team champion trophy and individual gold medals.

"Nicaragua hosted one of the best and most exciting ISA World Championships ever last year and I can't be happier to return to this beautiful country and its excellent waves", underlines Fernando Aguerre, president of the International Surfing Association.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country with hundreds of miles of coastline filled with perfect warm-water waves and favorable offshore wind conditions year round.

The defending champions from the 2012 ISA World Juniors are Brazil's Matheus Navarro, Hawaii's Dax McGill and Kalani David and Team Hawaii, the overall ISA World Junior Team champion.

The 2013 ISA WJSC will include the Boys Under-18, Girls Under-18, Boys Under-16, and for the first time ever, Girls Under-16, which the ISA has added as the number of participants in this age group continues to explode globally.

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