Carcavelos Beach: the Portuguese spot will host the 2019/2020 Perfect Chapter | Photo: Perfect Chapter

The Perfect Chapter will return to Carcavelos for the 2019/2020 edition.

The surf contest takes place on the best day of the Portuguese winter.

The choice fell on Praia de Carcavelos because of its heavy, barreling waves. The last time it was run here was in 2015.

It is also an ex-libris of Portuguese surfing, having seen the birth of the sport in Portugal, as well as the being the venue for the first local and international contest, including WSL Qualifying Series 10,000 events.

The waiting period for the Perfect Chapter runs until January 31, 2020.

The contest is all about tube riding, with the organizers continuously scanning the wave and weather forecasts, to choose the ideal day for offshore winds and barreling waves.

"We welcome the return of the Perfect Chapter to Cascais and Carcavelos beach," said Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais.

"The best competitions and the best athletes have to meet the best beaches. This perfect combination will help write another Perfect Chapter of surfing history of Carcavelos Beach."

Sixteen World-Class Tube Riders

The public chooses the 16 participating surfers through online voting. They are the best national and international tube riders.

The list of invitees will be announced at the beginning of November, during the launch of the contest.

"Cascais and Carcavelos were an easy and obvious choice. The beach has perfect, tubular, heavy waves and has the best season precisely during our waiting period," adds Rui Costa, the event director.

"Besides the waves, all the Cascais surroundings are a dream postcard for our country. That's what we want to show: dream waves in a dream setting."

"Because it's an urban beach, we have the guarantee that the public will join in en-masse, making it a Perfect Chapter both in the water and on the beach."

"In 2014 and 2015, we had incredible contests, which led the world surfing community to look at Carcavelos with different eyes for the quality of its waves," concludes Costa.

In the upcoming edition, the team hopes to have more world-class surfers, better waves, and more crowds.

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