Lofoten Masters: the ultimate arctic surfing challenge

The world's northernmost surf competition will get underway in Unstad Bay and Flakstad, Norway, between October 10th-13th.

The Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters will gather 100 international surfers in five classes of entry including Master, Open, Ladies, Junior, and Longboard.

"Surfing at Unstad is always an exciting experience. The weather is constantly changing, and the waves offer a raw perfection. I'm always sitting in the lineup and looking back up at the massive beautiful mountains", reveals Dane Gudauskas.

The surf event will be run at 68 degrees North in the Atlantic Ocean, so very low temperatures are expected. The Nordic Naturals Lofoten Masters is an independent event hosted by two local board riders clubs, Lofoten Board Union and Arctic Surfers.

The contest was held for the first time in 2007. There was only a handful of surfers in the Norwegian region. Now, the 7th edition promises to boost Unstad as the ultimate arctic surfing challenge.

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