Airwave: Troy Bottegal has patented his inflatable surf reef

It's not a mistype. You've already discovered inflatable SUPs, so it's time to fine-tune your local beach break with the ultimate reef. With air-filled bags. Got it?

Troy Bottegal's idea seems too good to be true.

But, in theory, it's makeable. "Airwave" is a 20-meter wide, two-meter high sail-like structure that will be "glued" to the ocean floor.

As a result, we may enjoy artificially produced A-frame rides anywhere, anytime.

Bottegal eco-friendly surf reef is planned to be removable and possibly replaced, if necessary.

The blow-up "Airwave" promises to transform closeouts into perfect peaky point breaks.

The inventor says he has already patented the world's first inflatable surf reef and is looking forward to building a full-scale model.

The structure will use 12 helical sand anchors to connect " Airwave " to the ocean floor.

Air will naturally move inside the bags, with a thickness of between approximately 0.010 inch and approximately 0.100 inch.

Troy says he has permission from a local Council to test and install his "Airwave" on a beach in Perth over a two-month period.

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