Yes, there are surfers in Switzerland

February 13, 2014 | Surfing
Switzerland: who said you can't ride waves here?

There are surfers everywhere, and Switzerland is no exception. "I Wanna Surf" is a surf documentary which explores the life and challenges of Swiss surfers, and their quest for waves in a landlocked country.

Switzerland is a beautiful country located between in Western and Central Europe. It has breathtaking natural places, tasty chocolate and perfect watches. The thing is, there are no oceanic waves.

That is not a problem, though. With no sea to surf, Swiss surfers are forced to take every opportunity they get - be it on standing river waves, behind souped-up motor boards or simply with packed bags and a flight ticket.

"I Wanna Surf", a movie directed by Timon Rupp, explains us how landlocked surfers get their regular dose of waves and surf. Zurich, for example, has a surfboard shaper. And that's it. Still, no "natural" waves.

But the search for the perfect is always in the mind of Swiss surfers. Make no mistake - they rip. "I Wanna Surf" follows Jonas Studer, Philip Bienz, Alena Ehrenbold, Martin Suter, Andreas Wenger, and Rachel Rine.

They'll show you enough surf for you to remember Switzerland as the land of... surfing.

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