Josh Stanton: a power surfer | Photo: Woolacott

Josh Cattlin, April McPherson, Jed Gradisen, Coral Durant, Koda Killorn, and Willow Hardy have been crowned champions of the 2016 Taj's Small Fries, held at Shallows, Yallingup, in Western Australia.

The iconic junior surfing event named after the World Championship Tour (WCT) veteran Taj Burrow is already in its 11th edition, and it keeps attracting the youngest talents in Australian surfing.

As always, the host was the star of the competition. Taj Burrow surfed, taught, and did the commentaries for the finals alongside Jack Robinson. Despite the 30 knots of wind, everyone got their share of waves.

In the 16 & Under Boys division, local virtuoso Josh Cattlin used his frontside skills to catch the high scores he needed to beat Ben Spence, Cyrus Cox, and Jolan Bonelli.

"This is one event I've always wanted to win but never quite achieved it. I'm stoked to put my name on the Small Fries honor roll with all the other great surfers who have won over the years," noted Cattlin.

The 16 & Under Girls final had April McPherson, Chinta Hansel, Taina Izquierdo, and Arabelle Gibson battling for the prestigious title. However, McPherson's two-wave score proved to be unbeatable.

"Thanks to all my friends and family here supporting me. This is my biggest event win, and I'm over the moon," added April McPherson.

2016 Taj's Small Fries | Champions

16 & Under Boys: Josh Cattlin (Yallingup, WA)
16 & Under Girls: April McPherson (Mandurah, WA)
14 & Under Boys: Jed Gradisen (Gracetown, WA)
14 & Under Girls: Coral Durant (Red Bluff, WA)
12 & Under Boys: Koda Killorn (Maroubra, NSW)
12 & Under Girls: Willow Hardy (Margaret River, WA)

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