Zane Schweitzer is the 2015 Master of the Ocean

March 5, 2015 | Surfing
Zane Schweitzer: power and versatility | Photo: Tony Roberts

Zane Schweitzer is the 2015 Master of the Ocean. The waterman secured the overall title for the second consecutive year, in the Dominican Republic.

The wave rider from Maui, Hawaii, won two divisions (surfing and stand up paddleboarding), finished third in windsurfing and 11th in kiteboarding. The Master of the Ocean committee crowned the winner by tallying up the results from each of the four water sports.

"To me this is probably my all time favorite event because it encompasses the talent on the water of every wave riding vehicle. To be a true waterman you know that no matter what the conditions are, you will always have something to do, there's a right time for everything," expressed Schweitzer.

"I was most nervous about the kitesurfing division since this is the sport out of the four that I get the least practice in, sometimes as little as a few days a year. I made sure to spend full days on the water kiting before this event started so I could boost up my confidence."

Fiona Wylde took home the 2014 Female Master of the Ocean title, but she also managed to finish third overall, ahead of ten watermen. She received loud applause from the crowd at the award presentation.

"It's been great to compete with the guys, which is something that doesn't happen every day. It feels really good, and it shows that girls can rip it too, although the most important part is to all have fun, and we definitely had that these last few days," added Wylde.

Encuentro Beach, located in the beautiful beach town of Cabarete, proved to be a perfect location for an event such as this because athletes were able to witness great winds and clean waves every day.

The Future Master of the Ocean Award was given to Max Self. Samuel "Sammy" Perez Hults won the Windsurf Expression Session Award with a kick-ass front loop; the female Surf Expression Session was won by Narayana, and 19-year-old athlete Arne Bergwinkl won the male Surf Expression Session by landing a frontside air reverse.

Zane Schweitzer won the Stand Up Paddle Expression Session. The best team in 2015 was Team Terminator with on board Omri Hazor for SUP, Brandon Sanford for surf, Emmanuel Rondon for kite and Franzi Fix for windsurfing.

2015 Master of the Ocean | Top 5 Overall

1. Zane Schweitzer
2. Samuel Perez Hults
3. Fiona Wylde
4. Brian Talma
5. Omri Hazor

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