Zeuf Hesson, queen of Pleasure Point, passes away at 54

December 10, 2013 | Surfing
Zeuf Hesson: legends never die

Zeuf Hesson has lost her battle against cancer after fighting the disease for 20 years. Frosty Hesson needs our support.

Robin Janiszeufski Hesson, wife of the iconic big wave rider Frosty Hesson, has passed away at 54. The superwoman had been fighting breast cancer for almost two decades.

Zeuf Hesson inspired a generation of surfers. In the 1990s, she was responsible for taking many women to the sport. Her blonde hair was easily spotted anywhere in Santa Cruz, California.

The talented goofy-footer, who worked as a critical care hospital nurse in Oakland and Berkeley, didn't like to talk about her problems and cancer.

Positive, intelligent, and a friend of her friends, Zeuf Hesson was the queen of the Santa Cruz surfing spirit. She got involved in the Ride-a-Wave program, she loved playing music and singing.

In May 2013, hundreds of people gathered for a pre-memorial paddle-out in honor of Zeuf. She joked. "All of us are here to celebrate my life. It's a reverse birthday".

Frosty Hesson, who had already lost her second wife, Brenda, dedicated a whole chapter of his memories to her in the book "Making Mavericks." It was a true friendship that evolved into love.

"She was incredibly intelligent, and our exchanges became a little more interesting every time we had a conversation," reveals Frosty.

"I couldn't help noticing her tall, athletic physique, her lightly bronzed skin, and her surf- and sun-streaked blonde hair. Or how she came alive and her eyes lit up when she laughed".

Zeuf Hesson is now riding her waves in Pleasure Point with every one of us.

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