Zoltan "The Magician" Torkos invents the off-the-lip kickflip

October 9, 2014 | Surfing
Zoltan Torkos: an LSD-inspired off-the-lip kickflip

The wizard of surfing is back with a cool new trick. After several failed attempts, Mr. Zoltan Torkos lands the first ever off-the-lip kickflip.

You've got to love it. Zoltan Torkos is so passionate about surfing that his own laboratory of wave spells is in constant activity. There's no time to lose.

A few months ago, the Santa Cruz magician pulled the first kickflip ever in wakesurfing. Now things get really odd. The off-the-lip kickflip in a small wave is not for sober humans.

Torkos plans to change surfing by the adding inventive new tricks and styles adapted from skateboarding. Apparently, always with the same old surfboard.

What will Zoltan "The Magician" Torkos do next? Any ideas, tips and suggestions?

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