Zoltan Torkos invents the Fingerflip Spongeboard Transfer

May 30, 2012 | Surfing
Zoltan Torkos: one surfboard is never enough for the surf wizard

Zoltan Torkos is back in town with a new surf trick. The famous magician of modern surfing has invented the "Fingerflip Spongeboard Transfer". Complex? Well, it depends on how creative you are.

The new move involves a sponge board and a surfboard. Torkos shows how two different boards can get along for a good cause. After the famous "Darkslide" and the "Two Kickflips", it's time for a something completely different.

The "Fingerflip Spongeboard Transfer" is not as easy as it might appear. Zoltan Torkos paddles in a small wave with the sponge board, takes off and prepares the second plank for the fingerflip.

At the right time, "The Magician" throws the shortboard and jumps into it to complete the wave in the white water. Will he claim glory? Confirm the "Fingerflip Spongeboard Transfer" for yourself below.

The surf wizard with Hungarian roots is always inventing new crazy tricks in his Santa Cruz laboratory. What will he pull next for us? Take a look at the "Darkslide" and "Two Kickflips" by Zoltan Torkos.

Recently, Jamie O'Brien went surfing in a classic Backdoor dayanand was able to pull a two-board transfer while preparing to get barreled. Watch him doing it.

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