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I walked down to the beach that day. Not unusual in and of itself - but annoying nonetheless. A ride down would have afforded me more time in the water.
Griffin Colapinto has taken out the 2022 MEO Pro Portugal in Supertubos, Peniche.
He said it was the biggest wave of his life, but Mason Barnes could've ridden the largest wall of water of all time at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal.
The Wavestorm could very well be the people's surfboard. Here's the story of a piece of equipment that has introduced millions to surfing.
Surf culture in Finland is said to have started around 1997 when people began catching waves in Yyteri Beach, Pori.
Punta de Lobos is one of the most spectacular surf breaks in South America. The Chilean wave roars to life near the city of Pichilemu.