Surf News Headlines and Top Stories

Surf changing mats are one of the most valuable accessories a surfer can get, and they can increase the lifetime of your wetsuit.
You've learned how to paddle a surfboard. So, what's next? The next step is to spend a week, or at least a few days, learning to surf in the whitewater.
Bikinis, baggy board shorts, and bleach-haired surfers taking on the big waves of Hawaii. The year 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the rom-com, girl-power-filled movie "Blue Crush."
Justine Dupont was named the surfer of the year at the 2022 Red Bull Big Awards.
Soft roof racks are handy, but it's critical that they're correctly installed on top of your car and the surfboard is safely strapped. Here's how to do it.
The watersports industry is giving birth to all sorts of toys and gadgets, and the electric mobility revolution provided everything from personal submarines to underwater jetpacks.