Global Surf Film Festival Collective: submit your surf movies in one place only

The Global Surf Film Festival Collective is the new planetary organization formed to help surf filmmakers submit to multiple worldwide surf film festivals at once without the hassle of sending their DVD's around the globe.

If you're a surf movie director, you can submit your salted water films easily at, after completing a special form.

Once the form is submitted, you will be emailed directions to securely upload your film and other supporting documents to our private viewing site which is only accessible to the festival programmers.

Each festival has its own unique program and independently chooses their film lineup. Acceptance to one festival does not necessarily imply acceptance to all. Individual festival progammers will reach out to filmmakers direct to secure films for their lineup.

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Owen Wright: he owns Bells Bowl

The Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2012 is on and the first day of competition saw clean three-to-four foot (1 metre) waves at the primary venue of Bells Beach. No alarms and no surprises. The top seeds are through to Round 3.

Owen Wright was in sensational form during his opening round bout with Patrick Gudauskas and Bede Durbidge, posting the highest heat total of the round, a 17.93 out of a possible 20.

“It’s really turning on out there,” Wright said. “After watching that first heat and noticing it was slow I figured we would be on in terms of waves. Bells is always slow heat, fast heat, slow heat, fast heat. It was good to get into a rhythm and wrack up a few solid scores.”

Consistently one of the best-performing goofy-footers on the elite ASP World Championship Tour, Wright draws inspiration from 1999 ASP World Champion and goofy-footed legend Mark Occhilupo. Coincidently, Occhilupo is the last goofy-footer to claim the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, back in 1998.

“I’m feeling in form and I’ve actually been drawing a lot of inspiration from Occy (Mark Occhilupo) at Margaret River last week,” Wright said.

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Hawaii Surf Simulator: lo-fi indoor surfing experience

Surfers are used to creative gadgets that enhance their wave riding experience. After artificial wave pools and LED surfboards, welcome to the world of surfing simulators.

An Hawaiian company has developed what they call the world's first genuine surf simulators and stand up paddle surf trainers. The Hawaii Surf Sim group developed a technology which allows everyone to actually play live along with the person who is on the surf simulator.

Secretly, they can use their cell phone to join in the game and annoy the surfer. The combination of education and cell phone participation introduces an huge swell of advertising potential applications – gathering emails, cell phone information for post – marketing and promotions.

The full-scaled surf simulators rest only a couple of inches above ground and develop core physical balance - the use of muscles that strengthen balance and overall fitness. You can't drown or get eating by a real shark, but you sure can work up a sweat while carving 30-foot virtual video waves.

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