Hawaii Surf Simulator: lo-fi indoor surfing experience

Surfers are used to creative gadgets that enhance their wave riding experience. After artificial wave pools and LED surfboards, welcome to the world of surfing simulators.

An Hawaiian company has developed what they call the world's first genuine surf simulators and stand up paddle surf trainers. The Hawaii Surf Sim group developed a technology which allows everyone to actually play live along with the person who is on the surf simulator.

Secretly, they can use their cell phone to join in the game and annoy the surfer. The combination of education and cell phone participation introduces an huge swell of advertising potential applications – gathering emails, cell phone information for post – marketing and promotions.

The full-scaled surf simulators rest only a couple of inches above ground and develop core physical balance - the use of muscles that strengthen balance and overall fitness. You can't drown or get eating by a real shark, but you sure can work up a sweat while carving 30-foot virtual video waves.

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Alessandro Piu: he carries the Italian surfing flag in the world

Italy may not be the first choice if you're on a surf travel experience, but riding waves is clearly not impossible in the land of pizza and fashion.

"One Hundred and Twenty Months" is newest surf movie by Alessandro Piu, Italian surfing champion and the only national surfer competing in the world circuit.

Piu created a masterpiece of Italian waves. Although Sardegna isn't known for its surfing possibilities, this movie will change people's minds. Watch the surf movie trailer for "One Hundred and Twenty Months".

The film is all about surfing in the Mediterranean and the lifestyle and nature that comes with it. More than just a glimpse of surfing "One Hundred and Twenty Months" opens up the Med and all of its delights.

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Nat Young: his name is a trademark

Nat Young has taken the Vans Pier Classic, in wild 6-to-10 foot surf, while Keanu Asing took out the Vans Pro Junior, at the Huntington Beach Pier, California.

Young found two lefthanders during the final, opening his campaign with a 7.60 for several committed turns and a floater-to-barrel combination on his backup ride for a 7.47 to solidify the Vans Pier Classic win over Nathan Yeomans, Chris Ward and Chase Wilson.

"I knew I got the 7.6 and I wasn't sure, I thought I just needed a backup wave the whole time," Young said.

"Nate had a 9 and I'm just happy I got that one at the end because I didn't even know he had the 9. I'm just happy to come away with the win. It was super easy to get lost because it's hard to stay in position. I got stuck inside for about five minutes and I'm just happy to come out on top."

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