Skimboarding: skimming takes boardsports to another level

Skimboarding, or skimming, is one of the most underrated boardsports in the world. Skimboarders are usually not fussy. Get them a sandy beach and they will put out a finless water sports show.

Skimboarding was born in Laguna Beach, in the 1920s, but the Southern California skateboarding scene has greatly influenced the sport, a few decades later. Initially, it was the beach equivalent to skateboarding the city streets. Lifeguards would also use thin wooden boards to travel faster through the sands of Laguna.

Later, SoCal street riders - who were also surfing waves - started to get the most out of the nearby Laguna Beach shore breaks to make U-turns, starting from the wet sand over to the water and then again back to the beach. The tide is high? No problem, it's skimming time. Flat ocean? No worries, we'll skim inland.

Although it is not a strong official category in the boardsports industry, skimboarding kept its niche alive and healthy, with a dozen of worldwide product brands that are sponsoring pro and amateur riders.

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The fantastic history of the Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer was born in 1966. The Marvel Comics superhero was created by Jack Kirby and debuted his famous galactic rides in the 44th issue of "Fantastic Four."

Silver Surfer is the rider of the intergalactic world. Originally named Norrin Radd, he got his board from the Galactus cosmic entity and can travel faster than the speed of light.

Marvel Comics fans feel love and hate for the Silver Surfer. After getting super powers, he meets the Fantastic Four, betrays Galactus, and joins them and save the Earth.

The man of the silver surfboard gets confined to the frontiers of the Earth by an invisible barrier that affects only him. Hulk, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer later form "The Defenders", a group of heroes whose powers battle villains.

Later, he leaves this group and eventually makes peace with Galactus. The Silver Surfer has several romances - Mantis and Alicia Masters are the main relationships.

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Fathoms Left to Fall: welcome to Mullaghmore Head

When a surf movies have no voice-over, it's usually good. "Fathoms Left to Fall" is a short surf film that tells the story of one epic day of huge surf, at Mullaghmore Head, County Sligo, Ireland.

Chris McClean, the director of "Fathoms Left to Fall", tell us the way to one of the most dangerous wave spots in the world, where sun is rare and grey skies are emperors.

In March 2012, the most experience Irish big wave riders dropped into an insane surf session in the cold, windy and bumpy waters of Mullaghmore Head. In "Fathoms Left to Fall", you can easily understand the whole environment and how difficult it is to surf Ireland.

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