University of Lisbon announces postgraduate degree in high-performance surf coaching

University of Lisbon's Faculty of Human Kinetics announced the launch of a postgraduation program in high-performance surf coaching.

The world of surfing is evolving rapidly, becoming transparent, standardized, evidence-based, multidisciplinary and Olympic.

The postgraduation in high-performance surf coaching is the world's first course supported by Surfing Medicine International, offering state of the art medical knowledge.

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Paddling is history: meet surfing's floating dock

Who said you can't literally walk on water before catching a wave? Impossible mission? No way, Jose. Just install 100-foot plastic floating dock in a pristine surf break.

They said it was one of the funniest things they have ever done. Balaram Stack, Imaikalani Devault, Noa Deane, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn, and Yago Dora have just had the time of their lives.

Seriously, who could say no to an experience like this? Volcom teamed up with Stab to install a floating docking anchored in the middle of an A-frame peak in Bali, Indonesia. Yes, it looks both exciting and dangerous, but it worked out pretty well.

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Lockrack: the lockable surfboard car rack system

A South African company developed a lockable roof rack for surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, and other watercraft.

The new system simplifies the transport because it eliminates the use of straps to secure watercraft to your vehicle, whether it's a kayak or board.

Lockrack's simplicity relies on curved arms to secure gear to the roof rack, and the patented theft prevention system adds extra peace of mind.

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