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When the golden hues of summer fade and the breezy whispers of autumn begin, a peculiar melancholy tends to grip many of us.
Polynesians were among the first on planet Earth to explore the art of surfing and board riding across all sorts of water bodies.
With summer heralding a warm embrace and the beaches beckoning all and sundry, the siren song of the surf is nearly impossible to resist.
In 2023, the World Surf League (WSL) launched the Championship Tour (CT) Shaper Rankings, an initiative to highlight the creators behind the surfboards that make the magic possible.
One of the most critical components of a surfboard is its "rocker" - the arc or curve of the board from nose to tail. This element significantly influences the board's performance, affecting everything from speed to maneuverability.
Ivana Bajic is the author of "Nature of Surf Women," a gorgeous, immersive, and interactive limited edition book that inspires and motivates people into waves. This is her story.