Newport Beach: a surfing paradise in the heart of Southern California

From a surfing perspective, what comes to your mind when you think of Newport Beach? Is it the Balboa Pavilion or the Duffy Electric Boats?

If you're a surfer, there's a good chance you will say Echo Beach, black ball, The Wedge, 54th Street, the surf industry, or Richie Collins. And you're right.

Newport Beach is a symbol of California surf culture. Named by Captain Samuel S. Dunnells in 1870 when he arrived with his SS Vaquero in the bay, this is a place where water plays a fundamental part in the local economy.

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Adam D'Esposito found dead in Rosarito, Baja California

The California surfer who went missing two weeks ago in Northern Baja, Mexico has been found dead.

Adam Francis D'Esposito suffered from bipolar disorder and was last seen by the owner of a surf shop running down a highway shirtless, barefoot, and looking scared.

The Mexican authorities recovered his body on September 9. He was taken to the Rosarito morgue, where the coroner confirmed the cause of death as drowning.

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The pioneers of Irish surfing

A place with rough weather conditions, where sunny skies can, at any moment, be followed by low dark clouds and heavy rain.

For many, Ireland epitomizes what cold water surfing truly is - an uncomfortable and difficult challenge that will only boost a surfer's passion for riding waves.

"Meet The Pioneers Of Surfing In Ireland" is a beautiful and revealing documentary about the men and women who are making history for their country.

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