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Scripps Oceanography scientists developed an instrument to measure the inside of an overturning wave and other deep and shallow water processes.
For every perfect wave breaking on an idyllic surf destination, there's a bad wave haunting our home break. Here's what determines a mediocre wave for surfing.
In the water world of waves, a surfboard is more than sporting equipment. It's a vehicle for change that can become a catalyst for empowerment and a platform for social engagement.
When the golden hues of summer fade and the breezy whispers of autumn begin, a peculiar melancholy tends to grip many of us.
Polynesians were among the first on planet Earth to explore the art of surfing and board riding across all sorts of water bodies.
With summer heralding a warm embrace and the beaches beckoning all and sundry, the siren song of the surf is nearly impossible to resist.