Why intelligence matters in surfing

You can't be a good surfer if you don't you use your grey matter. Here's why intelligence is a powerful weapon in the waves.

Although surfing sounds pretty much like a physical and technical outdoor activity, intelligence plays a critical role in the development of the skills, and the performance you actually achieve in the waves.

There's a lot of theory and method in surfing as a high-performance sport, and it's been scientifically proved that learned knowledge is linked to the enhancement of sports practice.

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What makes the perfect surf spot?

Surf spots - the place where dreams come true. And yes, magnificent surf breaks do exist.

Everyone has their favorites peaks, but sometimes - or maybe often - it's just better somewhere else. That's why surfers are travelers. They're in constant search for the ultimate wave, the secret spot.

Perfection is the goal; pure joy is the objective. So what does a surfer need to experience the celebration of his/her sport?

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The top 7 surf breaks in Ventura County

The Golden State boasts more than 1,000 miles of coastline, as well as some of the world's best surf breaks. And the Ventura County Coast is one of the original birthplaces of California surf culture.

Ventura County surf breaks were made famous by The Beach Boys back in 1963 with not one, but two references in their massive hit song, "Surfin' USA."

Rincon and County Line are both within the Ventura region. With perfect year-round weather and consistent great surf, it's no doubt that Ventura County Coast is the place for beginning surfers to catch a wave and for pros to hang ten.

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Dimitri Maramenides, the founder and owner of Epic Kites, rode his kite a few hours before Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States.

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