Surfboard fin setups: single, twin, thruster, quad and 4+1

Choosing between five different setups can be sometimes confusing. Here's a straightforward identification and explanation of each fin configuration.

Although they are often overlooked, fins are an important variable in any surfboard. Without them, surfboards would be skimboards or bodyboards.

So what are fins for? The goal of fins is to stabilize your surfboard and prevent it from skidding sideways while cutting through the water. The bigger the fins, the more they will dig into the wall of the wave.

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The best river surfing waves in the world

River surfing is not a crime. It's a fun alternative to ocean waves and an excellent option for inland surfers who live hundreds or thousands of miles away from the classic surfing waves.

But beware. River surfing can be dangerous. These static, endless waves usually break in shallow waters, and over rocky bottoms, so take care before trying it.

Always wear a helmet and a personal flotation device (PFD), and never embark on a solo session. You also need to make sure someone is watching your back in case of a miscalculated wipeout.

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New study wants to understand how boardsports address sustainability

Surfdome and Plymouth Sustainability and Surfing Research Group (PSSRG) have teamed up to study the boardsports market's attitude towards sustainability.

Boardsports brands, like most of the fashion, apparel, and sports goods market operate in a fast-paced marketplace and have the ability to alter their proposition from season to season.

With attitudes changing towards product and brand offering sustainability credentials, perhaps in part due to readily available information and increased awareness, the demand for board sports brands to limit their effect on the environment is particularly high.

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