Weed Waxx, the marijuana-scented surf wax

It doesn't contain anything illegal, but it smells like marijuana. Meet surfing's latest adventure into the unknown - Weed Waxx.

Huntington Beach surfer, artist, and entrepreneur Dave C. Reynolds - no, it's not Dane Reynolds - spent ten years developing the ultimate weed-scented surf wax.

Reynolds was a bit tired of the classic bubble gum, vanilla, coconut and other fruity scents, so he decided it was time to manufacture and sell a marijuana-smelling surf wax.

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The Summer Surf Gear Guide 2018

Welcome to our favorite time of the year. Summer is the surfers' season, and so we're back with a solid selection of essential surfing equipment for the warm season.

Winter is gone, and it's time to relax. Time to pick up a bigger board and appreciate the joy of riding small, yet endless summer waves.

Our panel of enthusiastic wave riders has, once again, hand-picked the premium surf gear items for summer 2018. They've identified and gathered the best of the best in the surf market.

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World Surf League (WSL): Interesting facts about the pro surfing organization

The best surfers on the planet compete in the World Surf League (WSL). No doubt about that. But exactly is the WSL? Who runs it? What's behind the conglomerate?

According to Forbes, the surf industry generates around $13 billion, so you could hardly run a surfing's professional world tour without a business-oriented mindset.

The World Surf League is basically a sports event managing company with a deep focus on communications and social media. They choose the venues, set up the show, and distribute the content.

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Invented by Southern California surfers, kneeboarding is a crossover water sport that blends the thrill of wakeboarding and water skiing with the adrenaline rush of surfing.

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The Kiteboarding Riders United (KRU) and the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) released a joint statement clarifying the current situation in professional freestyle kiteboarding.

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The full schedule for the 2018 European Skimboarding Cup (ESC) has been released.