Natxo González surfs a dangerously beautiful wave

Natxo González returned to the scene of the crime, where he once had this wave all for himself. Now, he is sharing his little secret with his friends.

It's a fast, hollow right-hander that breaks in very shallow water. This dreamy beach break looks perfect, but if anything goes wrong, you're hundreds of miles away from the nearest hospital.

Where in the world can you surf this beauty? You'll have to ask González. The Spanish surfer says it's a perfect wave, but you've got to approach it carefully.

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WSL announces the Red Bull Airborne

The World Surf League (WSL) announced the launch of Red Bull Airborne, an aerial specialty event.

The aerial surfing competition will run in conjunction with the 2018 Quiksilver Pro France and will showcase Championship Tour (CT) athletes, and some of the best new school surfers in the world.

There will be two additional spots reserved to anonymous wave riders - one surfer under 18, and another over 18 - who submit two clips featuring backside and frontside airs and showing maximum amplitude, creativity, and technicality.

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Inflatable surf reef may be installed in Western Australia

The city of Bunbury, in Western Australia, has approved the installation of the world's first inflatable surf reef at Back Beach.

Troy Bottegal, the inventor of Airwave, wants to deploy a 12-meter round inflatable dome on the ocean floor, and in shallow waters. The two-meter high bubble will help create perfect waves.

"Ten years ago, I sat at my local beach. Staring sadly at the infinite amount of closeouts, unable to motivate myself to paddle out, I asked myself how could I transform these closeouts into surfable, A-frame peaks?" explains Bottegal.

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Anthony Vandenberg has once again participated in the Shackleford Challenge 2018 in Cedar Island, North Carolina. This time, he had a close encounter with a shark.

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