Rip Curl Cup

An abandoned Taiwanese fishing boat smashed into the reef of the famous Balinese wave Padang Padang on the day of the Rip Curl Cup opening ceremony on Saturday, July 12.

The over 100+ ft (33+ m) ship wrecked around midnight and was found the next morning devoid of its crew that had apparently bailed well before it hit the reef. Shortly after dawn that Saturday morning, alarmed local fishing boats had pulled up outside of the beached vessel whose hold of oversized catch including tuna, sharks, and mahi-mahi had begun to be pilfered.

It is not certain whether the boat had proper permits to fish or even be in Indonesian waters. Government officials and local police are investigating and have taken the matter into their own hands. There were no explosives or anything of a dangerous or illicit nature found on board, although rumor has it that the ship has been in trouble for illegal fishing in the past. No-one was hurt in the wreck.

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Flynn Novak

Tagged as the greatest day ever for professional surfing on the South Shore of Oahu, the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) 1-Star Macy’s E-Series presented by ASP Hawaii ended on an all-time high today, in great conditions at Ala Moana Bowls.

Haleiwa’s Flynn Novak was the winner, pocketing $2,500, second went to Bowls local David Gonsalves (Honolulu), third was Jason Shibata (Haleiwa), and fourth was veteran competitor Kaipo Jaquias (Lihue, Kauai).

Saving the best for the very last day of the nine-day holding period, Bowls turned on and pumped out waves with machine-like consistency. Wave face heights of six-to-eight feet stacked up before barreling and walling off all the way through to the Waikiki boat harbor entrance.

The top of the swell peaked during the semi-finals where the average scoring ride for all competitors across the board came in at 9.25 points out of a possible 10 - a first for pro surfing here in Hawaii.

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NSP Soulfiles

The NSP Soulfiles is at the pinnacle of all northern surfers and windsurfers diaries, a legendary event. It has flown from the ashes of the Red Bull Soulwave and is now in its third year.

Combining forces with the smooth lay back atmosphere of the surfjoint the party will be even bigger and better than ever. Local guys fighting against pros like Victor Fernandez or Jonas Ceballos is something you have to see to believe.

Going against this big names brings out the best of everyone like local hero Lars Peterson said after his double front loop last year: “ Man I did`nt knew that I can do this. It`s my first attempt after a lot of years, whow.”

Also on the surfing side there will be a lot to see. Brasillian breed Surfers against the rest of the world like the last two years? Or will Casper Steinfarth use his daily routine to get himself high on the podium?

Anyway, in longboarding, shortboarding and in the groms devision there is a brand new NSP or Southpoint board waiting for the winner. And this is for the girls, do not just stay on the beach, get out. If we will get more than four of you there will be a winner board for you, too.

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Thirty Formula GPS kiteboarders battled it out on the mountains of the Alto Sangro, Italy, for the second leg of 2018 IKA Snowkite World Cup.

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Brad Domke calls Cylinders his home. He's been riding it for more than a decade. But you've never seen him in board transfers like these.

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