Kustom Airstrike

Californians Ryan Carlson and Bobby Martinez have spearheaded an American assault on world surfing’s richest single-manoeuvre prize purse.

Aerial master Carlson and the resurgent World Championship Tour surfer Martinez have led the US raid on the US$50,000 Kustom Air Strike event, which overnight drew 10 new high quality entries from around the world.

Carlson launched into a must-be-seen-to-be-believed Kerrupt flip, while Martinez lays down a wildly smooth forehand aerial reverse.

But the Americans weren’t the only ones who came out firing, with West Australian flyer Jay Davies – a standout performer in a new Rusty DVD called Changes – landing what must be one of the craziest alley oops ever captured on film.

“Four weeks into the event Mitch Coleborn’s entry landed in our inbox. His flip was the best we had ever seen and the global surfing community was stunned. We heard from all corners of the planet that Mitch had sealed the deal with that flip, and that with six months still to run in the contest no one could top him. Many thought it was unbeatable,” said Kustom’s General Manager Harry Truscott.

“Another month into the event and the entries keep pouring in. We’ve got some real contenders, and a screen full of punts that are absolutely mind blowing. But, I don’t think we’ve seen the winning entry yet.

“The Kustom Airstrike set out to redefine surfing. Whoever ends up taking home the US$50,000 winners prize will have produced something previously believed impossible. That’s what we are really looking for.”

The new entries, along with scores of others that have poured Kustom Air Strike headquarters, have been posted on the event website.

Kustom Air Strike is open to all surfers, both amateurs and professional anywhere in the world, and is a quest to produce the most innovative and inspired aerial manoeuvre in surfing’s history.

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Pe’ahi World Cup Tow-In Surfing Championship

The Association of Professional Towsurfers (APT) is proud to announce that Mormaii, a Brazilian based surf clothing and product company has signed on as the Title Sponsor of the Mormaii Pe’ahi World Cup Tow-In Surfing Championship.

This will be the last event of the 2008/2009 series and with this event, the APT will crown its second annual World Champion tow-in surfing team.

“We are gaining momentum with the APT World Tour and believe the support we have from the athletes has been crucial to our success” says APT Founder and President Eric Akiskalian.

Eric went further to say, “We are blessed by an incredible sponsor in Mormaii and we have a solid Event Director in ‘Handsome Bugga’ Rodney Kilborn, APT’s Vice President who has directed tow-in events at Pe’ahi in 1997 and in 2002.”

APT Invite List:
1. Koby Abberton / Ryan Hipwood - AUS
2. Danilo Couto / Rodrigo Resende - BRA
3. Evarldo 'Pato' Texeira / Yuri Soledad - BRA/HI
4. Sylvio Mancusi / Edilson Assuncau - BRA
5. Diego Medina / Critobal Gonzales - CHI
6. Grant 'Twiggy' Baker / Greg Long - SA/CA
7. Jamie Mitchell / James Watson - AUS
8. Scott Chandler / Chuck Patterson - CA
9. Carlos Burle / Eraldo Gueiros - BRA
10. Alastair Mennie / Andrew Cotton - IRE
11. Tyler Fox / Shane Desmond - CA
12. Makua Rothman / Ikaika Kalama - HI
13. Mike Parsons / Brad Gerlach - CA
14. Garrett McNamara / Kealii Mamala - HI
15. Jamie Sterling / Mark Visser - HI
16. Sion Milosky / Dustin Barca - HI
17. Myles Padaka / Felipe Espiritu - HI
18. Archie Kalepa / Buzzy Kerbox - HI
19. Ross Clark Jones / Tony Ray - AUS
20. Ian Walsh / Shane Dorian - HI
21. Jamie O'Brian / Troy Alotis - HI
22. Kaleo Amadeo /  Nalu Wallace - HI
23. Anthony Tashnick / Darryl 'Flea' Virostko - CA
24. Wild Card

(in alphabetical order by first partner name)
Cambell Ferrell / Doug Young - HI/NZ
Carlos ‘Coco’ Nogales / TBD – MEX
Dan Morre / Mark Anderson – HI
Dylan Longbottom / Laurie Towner - AUS
Ed Guzman / Juao Jabour- CA/BRA
Kalani Chapman / Ezira Sitt – HI
Ollie Richardson / Dan Hasselschwert - OR
Peter Mel/ Ryan Augenstein – CA
Ramon Navarro / Christian Merrello - CHI
Russell Smith / Tyler Smith - CA
Titus Kinimaka / Kalani Vierra - HI
Zach Wormhoudt / Jake Wormhoudt – CA

Bells Beach

The Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival has been granted funding for a further three years by the Victorian Government leading up to the 50th anniversary in 2011 the Premier John Brumby announced yesterday at Bells Beach.

Mr Brumby and the Sports and Recreation Minister, James Merlino met with two-time World Champion and Rip Curl Pro Contest Director Damien Hardman at Bells Beach today to make the announcement.

“The Rip Curl Pro is a major draw card on a dynamic calendar of major events including the Melbourne Grand Prix, Australian Open and the AFL Grand Final,” Mr Brumby said.

“That’s why I am delighted to announce that the Victorian Government will support the Rip Curl Pro for a further three years, delivering on our commitment to building on Victoria’s world-class major events.”

Mr Merlino congratulated event organisers for supporting both men’s and women’s surfing at the annual Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival.

“It creates an exciting platform to celebrate excellence in sport and attracts strong tourism to the region,” Merlino said.

Rip Curl Group Advertising and Marketing Chairman Neil Ridgway said Rip Curl was excited to extend its relationship with Victoria for a further three years and to have the world’s most prestigious surfing contest sit in the Victorian ‘Hallmark Events’ program sanctioned the Rip Curl Pro as elite.

“This partnership helps to cement both men’s and women’s professional surfing for the next three years and that is very important for both ASP world tours. Rip Curl sees surfers as equal no matter what their gender and that attitude is epitomized in the Rip Curl Pro.”

Surfing Victoria Rip Curl Pro Event Director Max Wells welcomed the announcement.

“The Rip Curl Pro is an amazing event that is held in very high regard by our surfers worldwide, so on behalf of Surfing Victoria, I wish to express our appreciation of the long term and continuing support of our iconic event by the Victorian Government,” Mr Wells said.


Dimitri Maramenides, the founder and owner of Epic Kites, rode his kite a few hours before Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States.

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