Brett Simpson

Huntington Beach surfer Brett Simpson, 23, notched up another memorable day at Haleiwa today, posting the highest wave score of the Reef Hawaiian Pro to date, a 9.93 out of a possible 10, during Round 3.

Simpson won his four-man heat ahead of three of the North Shore’s best surfers, including current ASP World No. 11 Fred Patacchia. The Reef Hawaiian Pro is the first jewel of the prestigious $815,000 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Haleiwa was reeling off righthand perfection today, prompting Simpson to compare it to Lower Trestles, only more powerful. He has tasted success here before, reaching the Final of this event back in 2006 the same year he received the NoseGuard Vans Triple Crown Rookie of the Year Award.

"This is one of my better events and the waves are super good and fit my surfing," said Simpson.

"It’s pretty high performance. It’s just like surfing Lowers just a little bit more powerful. When you get a score like that, even if you get a 5-something you’re still in the 14 total and that means guys need two 7’s, which is totally possible when the waves are this amazing. There are really good waves out there and it’s just a matter of getting them. Hopefully I’ll keep starting off with a little bang. I got one of the better ones and you can’t really ask for more."

San Clemente’s Mike Losness also advanced through Round 3 today.

The star of yesterday’s opening day of competition, Mark Occhilupo (Australia), was eliminated in Round 3 today by fellow Australian Daniel Ross (Angourie), and long-time tour rival Sunny Garcia (Hawaii).

Ross, 25, was on fire in the peeling rights and Garcia was laying down his trademark Haleiwa power gouge, but Occhilupo was unable to achieve the same degree of verticality and power on his backhand in the head-high surf.

The final scoreline showed Ross’ two-wave total at 15.67 out of 20 Garcia with 14.9 Brazil’s William Cardoso with 8.56 and Occhilupo with just one wave: a 4.17 point ride.

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Jamaica Surf Team

Jamaica’s top surfers will take on the cream of the US East Coast opposition at the 2008 Jupiter Fall Classic surf contest on the 14, 15 and 16 November in Jupiter Beach Florida.

Jamaica’s world famous Wilmot Family will lead the charge with brothers Ishack, Inilek and Icah competing in the open division and their 11 year old brother Ivah in the junior division. Their sister Imani will compete in the women’s division.

Also included in the team are Jamaica’s 2 top under 18 surfers Shane Simmonds of Boston Bay Portland and Ackeam Phillips from Bull Bay St Andrew.

Top open competitor Luke Williams and National Masters Team surfers Michael Mair and Eugene Miller will round off the delegation.

The team will be making their third appearance at the annual contest where in 2006 Jamaican surfers finished in the money rounds in the open, junior and women’s divisions.

The trip this year as in ’05 and ‘06 is being sponsored by the Brandolini Foundation.

The US based Foundation was set up in loving memory of Lewis Brandolini IV who was a very close friend and supporter of Jamaica’s surf and skate scene up until his untimely death in May 2005.

London surf park planned for 2011

The developers of the £1.5 billion Silvertown Quays have released conceptual images of Venture Xtreme, a unique surf centre and extreme sports complex, the first project of its kind in the world, designed by Baca Architects.

The surf centre is a conceptual project which may form part of the visitor attraction area at Silvertown Quays. If it goes ahead the surf centre will be located alongside the aquarium Biota! and will include London's largest permanent outside beach and a surf pool with perfect waves all day every day!

The Venture Xtreme surf centre proposals will spectacularly animate a large part of the former pontoon docks, bringing the water to life in an exciting and dynamic way sitting alongside markets, specialist sports shops, waterside restaurants and cafes.

Silvertown Quays Venture Xtreme complex will be built in two stages, the first being the outdoor facilities and surf centre followed by the indoor adventure centre.

The surf pool forms the centre of this outdoor experience, built into the existing dock. A series of 'extreme' structures and facilities draw upon the character of the rich industrial past to create iconic forms and public spaces.

A giant 9m high wave tank doubles as a climbing wall and TV screen. Adjustable 'crane' lighting rigs illuminate the surf pool and the 'silver sand' beach. A beach bar, floating bistro, sports shops, and the indoor Venture Xtreme centre complete this unique urban sports experience.

The Silvertown surf centre will be a world first; a totally unique facility offering perfect surf waves 365 days a year. The finger docks in front and to the left of Biota! will be opened up to create the UK's first artificial surf experience.

A specially designed enclosure, holding almost 7,000 cubic metres of clean, filtered and heated water forms the basis of this unique environment. Waves up to 1.8m high will roll 100 metres down the dock, before breaking on London's first 'silver sand' beach in front of Biota! and a major public space known as the 'Esplanade'.

The centre is expected to attract 100,000 surfers and body-boarders a year along with five times as many spectators. Waves of all shapes and sizes can be created for all levels of ability from total novice to professional surfer.

The perfect white sand beach will be 100m wide and up to 25m from front to back, giving enough space for over 200 swimmers, sunbathers and surfers.

In the evenings it will be possible to rent fire pits for larger groups and barbeque areas as well as to just chill out on the beach with a drink from the bar. Beach bars, hammocks, palm trees and board walks all add to the atmosphere.

Surfing will operate through the summer, flood lit in the evenings to create a fantastic viewing spectacle. The waves will be over looked by spectators on the beach and in bars and restaurants wrapped around the arena.

A themed rock effect climbing wall, of 24m wide, 9 m deep and up to 12 m high, will be the largest outdoor wall in the country and offer over 50 climbing routes. On the front elevation, facing the beach and boardwalk will be a giant LED screen of over 100 square metres.

In the second phase of the Silvertown development, the lower floors of the major dockside site, immediately to the East of the aquarium, will house London's first extreme sports complex, complimenting the surf centre in the dock and providing year round adventure facilities for the local residents, Londoners and those further a field.

- an indoor wave rider (great fun for all, but it also allows surfers to learn or train before going out into the main pool), - a climbing wall, complimenting the outdoor facility,

- a scuba dive tank,
- ropes course,
- ice climbing wall,
- children's snow room
- ice bar

In addition, further specialist retail units including a dive shop and general outdoor climbers shop will support these new sports areas. The indoor extreme sports zone will be linked by a bridge directly to the operations hub of the surf centre.

Committed to contemporary design and the creation of visionary and iconic buildings, the developments and associated outdoor activity areas will be carefully integrated into their environment and will complement the design standard of the entire Silvertown Quays development and of Biota!


Rob Bain, Layne Beachley, and Dave Macaulay have taken out the Azores Airlines World Masters Championship in the Grand Masters, Women's Masters and Men's Masters divisions held in good three-foot surf at Praia de Santa Barbara.

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Dimitri Maramenides, the founder and owner of Epic Kites, rode his kite a few hours before Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States.

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