Billabong Pro

South African rookie Jordy Smith gave the local crowd what they came for when he posted the highest heat total of Round 2 to advance to Round 3 of the Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay today.

Smith eliminated Brazil’s Neco Padaratz in three to five foot (one and half metre) waves courtesy of the 18.60 heat total he amassed – the second highest of the event thus far. He has drawn Dean Morrison (AUS) in Round 3.

“It’s good to get one nailed away and get the nerves out,” Smith said. “Now I’m just stoked I didn’t get a 33rd and looking forward to the next round.”

Smith scored a 9.00 on his first wave ridden. He sealed the deal with a 9.60 toward the end of the heat.

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Super Bock Pro

The Superbock Pro, an ASP WQS 1-Star Men’s event, saw a full day of action at Cordoama beach and favorites all got their start. Eric Rebiere (FRA), defending champion, was much awaited for his first paddle-out and the former ASP Top 45 member ended up winning with a solid 13.00 point heat tally (out of a possible 20).

With light winds and consistent three foot (one meter) waves rolling in at Cordoama, all competitors were able to surf at their best. Gony Zubizarreta (ESP), an ASP WQS Top European, put on a show when he opened Round 2 with an impressive win over Felix Delanne (FRA) and Borja Agote (ESP), posting a 17.34 point heat tally (out of a possible 20) for the best result of the event so far.

"I am stoked with this heat today", Zubizarreta said. "I have been travelling a lot this year and doing lots of events, had a few good results so I am very confident at the moment."

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Super Bock Pro

The Superbock Pro, an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) 1-Star event, got underway today in tricky two foot (0.5 meter) waves. Four heats only were done before the tide forced organisers to put the contest on hold until tomorrow Friday, July 11, at 7.30 AM (GMT+1).

Four heats remain before Round 1 finishes and the best seeded surfers including defending champion Eric Rebiere (FRA) should get their start tomorrow. Rebiere, who has won an event since his Super Bock Pro victory a year ago, will be chasing a repeat in South Portugal and is confident.

"Winning this event was huge relief for me last year and I am looking forward to paddling out tomorrow", Rebiere said. "A lot of young guys who competed in the ASP Grade-1 Pro Junior will be in the event and it is good to surf against upcoming surfers, always challenging."

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