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Nic Muscroft

Nic Muscroft (AUS), 26, won the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) 6-Star Prime Santa Surf Pro at Lanzarote today in the Canarian archipelago clinching valuable 3000 ratings’ points that rocket him to No. 10 on the international ratings and increases his chances of qualifying for next year’s ASP World Tour.

Australia conquers the World Surfing Games 2008

Australia won their third consecutive ISA World Surfing Games Team Championship and gold medals today in Costa de Caparica. This was their fourth out of the seven editions in the history of the event. It was a sunny, beautiful day at Marcelino beach, with waves improving from yesterday and reaching three feet with good conditions.

World Surfing Games

In small and inconsistent two feet waves the finalists of the repercharge and main event were defined in the seventh day of the ISA World Surfing Games that are taking place in Costa de Caparica. Only one day of competition remains now to know who´s going to be the new World Champions and the Overall Nations gold medallist.

World Surfing Games

It was a crucial, exciting and difficult Day 5 in Costa de Caparica with four out of the five divisions competing today in the contest. Teams had a busy schedule of heats that took place in small 2 to 3 feet waves. Today set the pace between those countries that will be battling for the top of the rankings.

World Surfing Games

The do or die rounds of the repercharge were the main attraction today at the main podium. The Open Men´s Round 2 was held in two foot waves, as the tide forced the Contest Director to suspend the final heats of the day.

Mark Mathews

There are waves on the fringe of existence that defy both logic and imagination. They break where the land is uninhabitable, where the elements are threatening, beautiful, raw and brutal.

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