Surf News Headlines and Top Stories

Punta de Lobos is one of South America's most spectacular surf breaks. The Chilean wave roars to life near the city of Pichilemu.
Shaun Tomson is one of the most accomplished tube riders in surfing history. Here's everything you need to know about the life and career story of the elegant South African wave rider.
Barron Mamiya and Brisa Hennessy have taken out the 2022 Hurley Pro Sunset Beach in Oahu, Hawaii.
Lisa Andersen is one of the most successful female surfers of all time. Discover how the rebel tomboy fulfilled the dream of becoming a world surfing champion.
"Shun Murakami: The Documentary" is an eponymous documentary featuring the Japanese surfing star.
Killers is probably the biggest and most powerful wave in Mexico. Discover the secrets behind Islas de Todos Santos' force of Nature.