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It's a surf machine, but it isn't exactly surfing. Here's my experience at the FlowRider, the most popular artificial stationary wave in the world.
One of the attractions of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), especially for anyone new to water sports, is its simplicity and accessibility.
Justine Dupont is one of the most versatile and well-rounded female surfers on the planet. Here's how she stormed the big wave surfing world.
In 2020, Garmin stormed the surfing world with its Instinct Solar Surf watch. Now, the Kansas-based multinational is back with the 2.0 model.
Stuck zippers are a recurrent issue in any surfer's life, especially in wetsuits, surfboard travel bags, backpacks, and other outdoor items. Here's a handy and helpful way to fix salt buildup and prevent zippers from corrosion.
The Surfers' Hall of Fame celebrates its 25th anniversary with a rededication ceremony from the Pai Family, who founded the Surfers' Hall of Fame memorial, to the world's best surfers, industry leaders, and those who have supported the stoke of surfing.

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