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A beach bum is a person - a man or woman, boy or girl - who spends a lot of time lying, loafing about, and sometimes even living on coastal sand strips or in the ocean.
Punta Galea is an iconic big wave point break located in the river mouth of River Nervión, in Getxo, Basque Country, Spain.
The British islands are on the path of the infamous North Atlantic winter swells. Get to know The Cribbar, England's biggest wave.
Perfect surfing conditions require great waves and pristine water. Here's how Wavegarden guarantees both.
Can you imagine riding a static wave that, when you fall, you never get wet? Here's everything you need to know about brushboarding.
In the surfing world, Ghost Tree is an iconic - and cursed - wave ridden in the mid-2000s until it was declared inaccessible.