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In the world of extreme sports and luxury travel, the race to lay claim to the "biggest," "best," and "most advanced" superlatives is as fierce as the waves they aspire to replicate.
Curitiba will be home to the world's first heated and indoor wave pool. The Surf Center technology is 100 percent Brazilian and will open in the second half of 2024.
As the sapphire waves arch and break against an apricot horizon, there's a growing cadre of women carving their marks on the glassy surfaces of the ocean, punctuating the hallowed history of surfing with their tenacity.
As the world grapples with the growing impacts of climate change, the lives of millions of surfers worldwide are changing with it.
Wave pools are modern marvels of technology and engineering, recreating the ocean's dynamic and rhythmic waves in a controlled environment.
The image of a swimmer or surfer effortlessly treading water often conjures feelings of tranquility, perhaps even nostalgia for the idyllic summers of youth.

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