Supertubos: the surfing jewel of Peniche

Supertubos, the famous Portuguese wave also known as "The European Pipeline", is a popular sand-bottom barreling dream located in the fishing village of Peniche.

Although Supertubos can only by dominated by intermediate-to-advanced surfers, on smaller days there are plenty of wave rides for everyone.

The sleepy village of Peniche attracts thousands of surf tourists throughout the year. From spring to winter, Supertubos transforms southwest swells and northeast winds into perfect breathtaking tube rides.

Today, Supertubos is widely recognized as the best and most consistent surf spots in Europe. How can a beach break produce perfectly tubular waves like the ones pumping just a couple of miles south of Peniche?

Supertubos is a powerful wave that is fuelled by the long and deep swells coming from the North Atlantic, which can reach up to 4 to 5 meters (13-16 feet) in height.

The massive barrels can be dangerous and certainly claim many surf quivers, every year. Surfers are easily forced into fast drops and speedy surf lines before celebrating the great escape.

There are great alternatives to Supertubos in the neighboring beaches. Molhe Leste and Consolacao (south of Peniche) and Baleal, Lagide and Pico da Mota (east of Peniche).

Supertubos can be surfed in all tide conditions, but a mid tide will be a wise pick. The main A-frame peak will deliver a fast left-hander, while the right-hander is shorter, yet intense experience.

If you stay in Peniche, make sure to taste the local grilled sardines. They're rich in vitamins and minerals and help reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases.

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