Pororoca: surfing the endless Brazilian tidal bore

Pororoca: surfing the endless wave

The ultimate dream of a surfer is to ride the endless wave. The dream may become a reality if you're in Brazil at the right time.

Pororoca is considered one of the longest surfable waves in the world. This tidal bore is located in the huge Amazon and can only be surfed twice a year.

Pororoca delivers up to 12-foot river waves during the dry season, in February and March.

But, watch out. Pororoca is a dangerous wave and is only suitable for experienced surfers.

The water is full of trees, debris, crocodiles, piranhas, and snakes. Also, the wave is so fast you won't be able to catch it up again.

The Thunderous Wave

The amazing Pororoca should be surfed with a boat or jet ski support.

The powerful Pororoca allows long-lasting surf lines, cutbacks, aerial moves, and even barrels.

The water is brown, and a wetsuit is compulsory for your safety and protection.

It is possible to "hear" the Pororoca coming 30 minutes before paddling for the most incredible surfing experience of tour life.

The river current flows on the contrary direction to that of the sea, so it's harder to catch it.

Picuruta Salazar, the iconic Brazilian surfer, holds the record of 12.5 kilometers and 37 minutes surfing a single Pororoca wave.

"Pororoca: Surfing the Amazon" is a great surf movie about the power of this impressive tidal bore.