The best surf spots on Guam

Far in the Pacific Ocean lies an American Territory with round year tropical weather and warm sandy beaches. Like its ocean neighbors, it too has a variety of special surfing destinations.

The best spots are easily the most friendly. From Talofofo and Umatac Bay to central Rick's Reef, Guam's coastlines have something to offer every surfer.

In the following article, we will discuss the top three breaks to surf while visiting or living on Guam, USA.

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Pasongan Bay: the surfing jewel of the Mentawai Islands

Over the last 20 years, the Mentawai Islands have become the most sought after surf destination in the world and the focus of intense surf media exposure and interest from surf travelers the world over.

The island chain is blessed with a large number of world-class waves, intermediate level locations, and also a few beginner spots in some areas.

This combined with the tropical beauty, remote locality, tropical climate and fascinating culture of the indigenous communities has made these islands one of the most popular surf holiday destinations on the planet.

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How to plan a surf boat trip

Boat trips are the ideal choice for those seeking unforgettable surfing adventures. If you're planning to sail to remote and idyllic offshore locations, read our tips for enjoying the surf travel experience to the fullest.

Whether you're on a luxurious private boat or cruising in a commercial charter, you'll need to adapt to a different reality in which land is not always within swimming distance.

Surf boat trips are fun and memorable, but not everyone fits the mold. You'll live surrounded by water with a 360-degree view of open ocean for a few days or weeks.

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A beautiful chaos, the ultimate surfing wave, a freak of nature, the advanced surfer's testing ground, a specialty wave, the premier tube riding arena, and, ultimately, the Mecca of surfing.

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