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Anglet is a synonym for surfing. In less than five kilometers, you will find some of France's best surf spots. Not to mention the delicious French patisserie that you'll come across along the iconic Boulevard des Plages.
Martinique is a magical place. The overseas region of France stands in the heart of the Caribbean Sea and was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1493.
Since the dawn of time, or maybe since surf spot hunting time, there have been countless lists published on the best places to surf in Puerto Rico.
Nowadays, the notion of secret spots for waves does not carry much substance.
It's not just the land of potatoes, rain, and Guinness, you know. One of Ireland's best-kept secrets has been out of the bag for some time now: this country has world-class surf.
With the advent of Google Earth and GPS technology, most of the good right-hand point breaks in El Salvador have become crowded, but in the county of pupusas, there are surf gems still to be explored.