The best surf spots in Texas

If the word "Texas" conjures images in your mind of dusty cowboy boots, shootouts, pickup trucks and barbecue plates as big as your head, chances are you've learned everything you think you know about one of America's largest states by watching spaghetti westerns and Walker, Texas Ranger.

And you'd be dead right: you really can find all of these things in Texas. But they say everything's bigger in Texas, and, pardner, that sure does go for its surprises, too.

Possibly the last place you'd expect to find quality surfing, the southern and eastern coasts of the state are bordered by the warm, shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Anglet: 11 surf spots in 4.5 kilometers

Anglet is a synonym for surfing. In less than five kilometers, you will find some of France's best surf spots. Not to mention the delicious French patisserie that you'll come across along the iconic Boulevard des Plages.

Chambre d’Amour and La Barre are separated by a mere 4.5 kilometers. Welcome to Anglet, a surfing paradise where you almost don't need a car to ride all wave peaks. A bike is enough, and there are plenty of joyful options.

Officially, you will find 11 surf spots in Anglet. They all have names, and specific characteristics for all tastes and experience levels: long left-handers, classic beach breaks, tube riding challenges, mushy rides, and beginner arenas.

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The best surf spots in Martinique

Martinique is a magical place. The overseas region of France stands in the heart of the Caribbean Sea and was first sighted by Christopher Columbus, in 1493. It is one of the many islands of the Lesser Antilles, commonly known as Windward Islands.

The Caribbean islands are steadily stepping into the world of surfing. The quality waves are not new, but surf travelers have only started to discover its full potential in the 21st century. Martinique has two main attraction poles: the north (for surfers) and the south (for classic tourists).

The town of Basse-Pointe offers magnificent, long, powerful right-hand waves, just 50 kilometers away from Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique. Basse-Point is located in the northeastern region and gets plenty of swell from the North Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. A fantastic point break.

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