As part of their marketing strategy, Wavegarden invited Brazilian surfer Mateus Herdy to test their new surf pool concept - The Cove.

According to the developers, the demo center located in the Basque Country is now pumping 1,000 hours per hour. Herdy was lucky to have The Cove just for himself, in a solo session punctuated by transparent four-foot right-handers.

Wavegarden's latest technology looks like an updated version of Siam Park's The Wave Palace, a man-made wave located in Tenerife, Spain. Hopefully, we will all be able to enjoy its little barreling opportunities, sooner than later.

Nazaré probably is the most powerful beach break. The Portuguese big wave surfing spot is as exciting as it will test your limits - as a surfer and as a human being.

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Swim fins don't last forever - wear-and-tear is inevitable. However, you can always stretch their lifetime a bit by repairing the cracks that slowly appear in the rubber.

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