Episode 1: "The Search - Revel"

Episode 2: "Let's Do This"

Episode 3: "Expect Nothing"

Episode 4: "Right Foot Forward"

Episode 5: "Pale Aliens - Part 1"

Episode 5: "Pale Aliens - Part 2"

Episode 6: "Louie's Left"

Episode 7: "Fifty Shades of Blue"

Episode 8: "Braai"

Episode 9: "Pacific Atawwwl"

Episode 10: "An Nou Ay (Let's Go)"

Episode 11: "Comfortably Numb"

Episode 12: "Tempat Boyum Ini"

Episode 13: "The Escape"

Episode 14: "Stuck In Reception"

Episode 15: "Yummy Yuki"

Episode 16: "Around The Corner"

Episode 17: "Quintessential Europe"

Episode 18: "Ain't No Wave Pool"

Episode 19: "Iron Horse"

Episode 20: "La Puesta del Sol"

Episode 21: "Freight Train"

Episode 22: "No Sudden Movements"

How is it that the entertainment machines, filmmakers, creatives, authors, and artists, which have churned out thousands upon thousands of stories, in seemingly every genre, topic and medium imaginable hasn't yet given wakeboarding a story? No movie? No book? No graphic novel?

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