Episode 1: "The Search - Revel"

Episode 2: "Let's Do This"

Episode 3: "Expect Nothing"

Episode 4: "Right Foot Forward"

Episode 5: "Pale Aliens - Part 1"

Episode 5: "Pale Aliens - Part 2"

Episode 6: "Louie's Left"

Episode 7: "Fifty Shades of Blue"

Episode 8: "Braai"

Episode 9: "Pacific Atawwwl"

Episode 10: "An Nou Ay (Let's Go)"

Episode 11: "Comfortably Numb"

Episode 12: "Tempat Boyum Ini"

Episode 13: "The Escape"

Episode 14: "Stuck In Reception"

Episode 15: "Yummy Yuki"

Episode 16: "Around The Corner"

Episode 17: "Quintessential Europe"

Episode 18: "Ain't No Wave Pool"

Episode 19: "Iron Horse"

Episode 20: "La Puesta del Sol"

Episode 21: "Freight Train"

Episode 22: "No Sudden Movements"

Episode 23: "Explore The More"

Episode 24: "The Typhoon"

Surfing is a beautiful outdoor activity, and an exciting water sport, but it also hides insincerity, falsity, and duplicity. Discover why we, as surfers, behave like hypocrites.

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Nic Rapa and Sean Silveira have taken out the second event of the 2018 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT), held at Lake Allatoona's Dallas Landing Park, in Acworth, Georgia.

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