Hawaii plays a crucial role in the history of surfing. Basically, it all started in the Pacific islands.

We now know that the practice of riding waves was a fundamental part of the social, cultural, and even religious life of ancient Polynesians.

However, when the Western world started to impose its rules, Hawaii nearly lost its identity, people, and iconic outdoor activity.

The video documentary produced by Maui Salt and Sage Magazine gathers the loose pieces from the days of Duke Kahanamoku, and his ability to spread surfing throughout the world, to the Pipeline era, where high-performance surfboards shine in front of thousands of spectators.

"Makai Side: How Did We Get Here? A History of Surfing in Hawaii" is a fantastic collage of old and new footage, amateur and professional surfing videos.

The final result helps us understand why Hawaii and surfing are connected forever, and how the gem of the Pacific shaped one of the most popular water sports on the planet.