In the past, electric surfboards failed to conquer the hearts of water sports enthusiasts.

Not only because they were expensive, but also because they tend to be noisy and heavy.

Onean is developing electric-powered boards since 2013, and marketing them since 2015. The company from the Basque Country introduced two models.

Carve, a surfboard-inspired motorized craft capable of reaching 21 miles per hour of speed. Manta is a wide and stable board designed for cruising and relaxing.

Both models can be fully recharged in two hours.

Recently, the brand installed a water raceway in Bilbao, Spain, and tested the boards in front of the public. Would you give it ago?

Invented by Southern California surfers, kneeboarding is a crossover water sport that blends the thrill of wakeboarding and water skiing with the adrenaline rush of surfing.

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