Jeff Weatherall: killing it | Photo: Greg Weatherall

Jeff Weatherall has conquered the 2014 New Zealand Wakeboard Nationals, held at Lake Karapiro.

After two epic days of incredible weather, water and riding from over 50 riders, Jeff Weatherall took out top honors in the Open Men's division.

"The New Zealand Nationals was were it all started for me. It was the stepping stone for me to be able to head to America and pursue my dreams of becoming New Zealand's first professional rider," says Weatherall.

Katrina Pollard claimed the Open Women's trophy, Bryan Simpson won the Veterans category, and Brant Hales prevailed in the Masters division.

Lake Karapiro is an artificial reservoir lake, located on the Waikato River, in New Zealand's North Island. The lake was formed in 1947 by damming the Waikato River to store water for the 96-megawatt Karapiro hydroelectric power station.

2014 New Zealand Wakeboard Nationals Results:

Open Men's
1. Jeff Weatherall
2. Darren Bishop (Nelson M. )
3. Regan Carlyon

Open Women's
1. Katrina Pollard
2. Charlotte Broadbent

1. Brant Hales
2. Dave Evans
3. Aaron Haugh

1. Bryan Simpson
2. Gavin Broadbent
3. Reon Morland

Junior Men's
1. Theo Robinson
2. Dan Tingey
3. Brad Haakma

Mens 2
1. Brad Wilkins
2. Blair Robertson
3. Mike Brown

Mens 1
1. Nathan Wilson
2. Jason Heatherly
3. Brendon Webber

Junior Women's
1. Morgan Haakma
2. Laura Sadler

Junior Boys
1. Francesco Hazelwood
2. Anthony East
3. James Robinson

Junior Girls
1. Georgia collard
2. Brook Wilson
3. Sophie gallon

1. Cruz Morland
2. Zoe Wilson
3. Jordan Caie

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