Dominik Gührs: following the event rules

Dominik Gührs has claimed the Red Bull Rising High 2014, held in Hamm, Germany.

With 17 of wakeboarding's most prominent names out in the water, the show could only be awesome. Felix Georgii, Dominik Gührs, Nico von Lerchenfeld, Parks Bonifay, Steel Lafferty, Daniel Grant and Brenton Priestley showed up at the Hamm cable wakeboarding park.

In the preliminary round, the top two riders in each heat advanced to the final. The event format required that of the seven attempts for each rider, two had to be focused on technique and one on style.

In the final, every rider had another seven runs. Brad Smeele, who completed the only TS Double Backroll Indygrab of the early round, was not able to land it again and had to settle with fourth place.

Third place went to Daniel Grant, who put out the biggest airs of the competition, including a massive HS FS 900 Nosegrab. Nico von Lerchenfeld pulled a super clean HS BS 720 Melon Grab but, ultimately, he was beaten by Dominik Gührs.

Gührs landed a HS BS 900 Indy Grab as his tech-trick and followed it up with a super clean BS 180 Stalefish Method Double Grab as his style trick, to take the Red Bull Rising High 2014 title.

"I was feeling great right from the start. After the first tests here in Hamm I knew I was in great shape. Watching the other guys perform I knew that it would be a tough battle, though. The performance level was insane, which makes the win even sweeter for me. I couldn't be happier right now," says Dominik Gührs.

The Red Bull Rising High 2014 concluded with a long distance challenge won by Daniel Grant who came out on top covering a distance of more than 25 meters.

Red Bull Rising High 2014 Results

1. Dominik Gührs (GER)
2. Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER)
3. Daniel Grant (THA)
4. Brad Smeele (NZ)

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