Lior Sofer: hitting the Control button at Norsjø Cable Park | Photo: VM Cable Wakeboard 2014

Lior Sofer and Sanne Meijer have won the 2014 Cable Wakeboard World Championships, at Norsjø Cable Park, Telemark County, Norway.

With the finals up and running, and after crashing in his first run, Sofer risked everything in his second and stuck moves like 315, Crow Mobe 540, Pete Rose and Frontside 900 at the kicker.

He scored 94.33 points, ousting San Im from first place. Im had scored 85 points in his first run, sticking tricks like S-Mobe 540 Nose Grab and Backside 720 Melon. Third place went to Frédéric von Osten.

"That was an amazing battle; all the riders were absolutely amazing. I'm stoked to be on top. It was a dream come true!," expressed Lior Sofer.

In the Women's wakeboard division, and after the first run, Julia Rick was leading with 76 points, ahead of Sanne Meijer. In the second run, Meijer stepped it up, showing a Frontflip to Blind, Aspect to Blind, Backroll to Blind, as well as a Crow Mobe at the kicker.

She scored 81 points for that. Though Julia Rick counterattacked with a great Toe Backside 540, she couldn't stick her Backside 313 cleanly and got only 79 points. That meant silver for the European champion. Bronze went to Maxine Sapulette.

"I was like, okay, I have to do everything I can. And I did. I didn't expect I would land my run like that. Two years ago, I became world champion in the Girl's division, and I really wanted to be the champion at the Open Ladies, at my 17th birthday. So my dream came true," revealed Sanne Meijer.

Christopher Klein was crowned the Junior Men champion, and the new world champions in wakeskating are Moritz Thiele and Zuzana Vrablova.

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