X-Stream Wake Rider: a wakeboarding pool

The X-Stream Wake Rider promises a revolution in the wakeboarding simulation experience. Welcome to the future of wakeboarding.

The X-Stream Wake Rider features six 125 horsepower submersible pumps that push a total of 144,000 gallons per minute through a three-inch nozzle opening.

The nozzle produces a stream of water across the surface of the inflatable pool mat at speeds of up to 22 miles per hour, the ideal speed for wakeboarding.

The speed of the water can be adjusted to accommodate different skill levels, and the pool has two built-in simulated "wakes," exactly like the ones produced by a moving speedboat, for a truly authentic ride experience.

When riders fall or let go, they are washed into a 12-foot wide, five-foot deep pool that returns the rider to shallow water, where they can exit the pool safely.

The half circle format allows the wakeboarder to ride the artificial waves with a 50-foot ski rope, and boots too.

The technology developed by Randy Cozens can be built inside a water park, resort, or even at the beach, but it can also be quickly taken down, and shipped from place to place for weekend events such as wakeboard competitions.

The X-Stream Wake Rider developer says the pool can also be used by surfers and bodyboarders.

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